Fintech Innovation in Singapore and Southeast Asia (FISSA) (University of St.Gallen)

In the fall semester of 2019 (4 to 9 of November), the St. Gallen Institute of Management in Asia offered a new Asia Compact course for Master students of the University of St.Gallen - Fintech Innovation in Singapore and Southeast Asia (FISSA).

Taught by Dr. Mato Njavro, this dynamic course provided students with an overview of the exciting Fintech landscape in Singapore and Southeast Asia. In recent years, the marriage of financial services with technology – Fintech – has taken the world by storm and Singapore and Southeast Asia has been at the forefront of this Fintech revolution. In addition to Dr. Njavro’s lectures on current trends in the Fintech industry and business model innovation, students had a chance to visit some of the most innovative and exciting companies in this sector. During the visit to the Razer (Singapore’s home-grown unicorn, a leading company in the gaming sector) students learned about how a company from the gaming sector branched out into fintech by leveraging its user base in gaming. FISSA students visited leading companies from various domains of the fintech universe (mobile payments, digital wealth management aka. ‘’robo-advisors’’, blockchain & cryptocurrencies, etc.) and learned directly from entrepreneurs behind these ventures. FISSA students learned about digital banking and asset management through discussions with mangers of Revolut and the founder of Stashaway, the leading Southeast Asian digital wealth platform. FISSA students also learned about Facebook’s LIBRA and considered various challenges and opportunities of this project. Finally, FISSA class hosted Mr. Vadim Shpak, a Managing Director from a leading Venture Capital fund in the Southeast Asia – Vickers Ventures. Mr. Shpak spoke to the students about VC’s perspective on the fintech industry and shared some valuable advice on fundraising process for young entrepreneurs. It was truly an unforgettable week for all students who came away with broadened perspectives on the Fintech industry in Singapore and Southeast Asia.