Business Study Mission to China (Singapore Management University)

In the fall semester of 2019, St. Gallen Institute of Management in Asia offered again its course for the Singapore management University and University of St.Gallen students called ‘’Business Study Mission to China’’. This course, taught by Dr. Mato Njavro, enabled our students not only to learn about China during the lectures that took place over the course of the semester but also provided them with a unique opportunity to visit Shanghai and Hangzhou and learn first-hand about China’s economy and business environment.

The highlight of this course was a trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou that took place in December 2019 during which our students were treated to an eye-opening array of companies and inspiring speakers which showed them not only the immense opportunities present in a market with 1.3 billion consumers, but also the challenges of doing business in a culturally complex environment.

Together, students from HSG and SMU explored some interesting sights of both cities, from the traditional Shanghai Bund to the Shanghai Tower (world's second-tallest building by height), from the Shanghai Disney Resort to the impressive Alibaba Campus in Hangzhou. Our students visited some of the most dynamic and innovative Chinese companies including Sensetime, an artificial intelligence company that focuses on innovative computer vision and deep learning technologies and the e-commerce giant Pinduoduo.

Prior to the trip, students learned about Chinese history, political and economic system as well as the business environment. In‑class teaching by Dr. Njavro was supplemented by experienced and knowledgeable guest speakers such as Singaporean MFA ambassadors, successful consultants, and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in China.

During the trip, our students also had opportunities to interact with local and foreign entrepreneurs who overcame the odds to run successful businesses in China and now set their sights on global markets. It was truly an unforgettable week for all students concerned, who came away with broadened perspectives of what the "rise of China" in the 21st century really means - for themselves, and for the world.